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Years ago when I started my long and tangled journey into better coffee, you know, when I tossed my Mr. Coffee machine into the trash and actually got a Krupps grinder and brewer with the #4 cone filter, I ultimately started a Gevalia subscription when it was still being imported from Sweden. Perhaps it is from being in the distant past or just plain forgetting how truly good or such improvement over the Folgers from the Mr. Coffee that I remember how much I liked that Gevalia. It had a rich taste and full mouth feel that I liked, a lot. Then over time the Gevalia seemingly went downhill in quality, mostly after it was no longer imported but also from apparently poorer quality of the beans.
I would really like to find a blend that has a medium roast for pour over or from my Moccamaster with those taste qualities I remember. I am not forgoing my espresso but it is much more convenient when I have guests to be able to easily provide good coffee in a larger quantity. I would certainly like to hear from members here as to suggestions for finding a coffee for this use. Thanks for any input.
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I don't know what Gevalia tastes like, so I may be completely off on this. We have a XBloom which has brought a range of coffees into our house that we would not ordinarily buy. Based on that a couple that I think might meet your use case would be B&W's blends (probably not "The Future" though) or Onyx's Summer Weather.

Certainly there are others. If the roaster gives origins, a South or Central American base is often low acidity, moderate sweetness and body. Properly roasted, it is "coffee that tastes like coffee" for many people. Blending in a bit of, for example, an East African natural can add some flavor highlights. Done in moderation, the balance won't shift into the profiles that those used to commodity coffees would consider strangely acidic or fruity.

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I would think Onyx Eclipse would be in-line with what Gevalia used to roast. Their Eclipse is roast is right in the leading edge of the dark roast range pulled right at 2nd crack. Some would call it Full City. I've had it and you get the chocolates but not smoke. A well executed traditional roast. It's price puts it outside the realm of drinking all the time depending on budget. B&W The Traditional would be another one to try. Reduced acidity compared to The Original and The Classic. You can pick up Mind Bender from Target or Whole Foods. It is from Stump Town and has a similar profile if you want to find something local.