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I was caught short - didn't order fast enough so stuck with junk beans and 2 in the mail that I won't get until Fri or Sat. Junk beans hit trash (I really did try. twice...) and I hit a larger WholeFoods hoping... Found this roasted June 13, so 9 days old. Just got home and turned machine on (5:30PM). At a half hour I tried it but grind was way off, even with pre-infusion, so sinked the first 2 and then success - a soft smooth, definitely not bitter or sour - I am very poor at identifying tastes but If I had to pick one from the label it would be almond. 17.4g, 15sec from 1st drip after PI, 1:1.5 . This seems like a keeper. I won't open, or will freeze (Foodsaver) those 2 that are coming so I can do this one justice. Drought or hurricane. Planning... :)

This Livia seems to heat up its grouphead very quickly - I was playing with a couple temp probes yesterday and left it for 20 min and it was hot (from partially warm state). All temp probes/PIDs/meters are put away now and I will just go by steam plus a sec or 3 and then pull. We'll see how that goes.

:: El Salvador, Medium roast, notes: chocolate,nougat,pecan.
said bag is now vent-sealed, in zip-lock, in freezer, per another thread here. THANKS!
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