Fresh Northern Italian style coffee bean options in US

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Hi everyone!

I am looking for roasters who advertise their beans as Northern Italian style and roast them fresh / to order. I have already found Gracenote's Alpha Espresso and Lusso's Lionshare as great examples. Ideally, I'd like 100% Arabica, but I can deal with a tiny sprinkle of Robusta, as in Lionshare's case.

I know that there's a whole other thread going on about finding actually Italian coffee in the US (Passalaqua etc), but I'd rather order from a US roaster to reduce the chance of getting older beans.

I've also tried Saka and absolutely appreciate the work they're doing. Just, I'm looking for US-based roasters to explore different tasting notes in that style of roasting.

One more option that I'm gonna try soon is Onyx Monarch.

Have you come across any roasts that are "traditional / Northern-Italian style?" Thank you!!


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Espresso Vivace.


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Mr. Espresso. Organic Neopolitan Blend.

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Buongiorno Inverno.
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Jquodt (original poster)

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Thank you for the answers! Will check those out. If someone has other tips, I'll be curious to hear them. Thank you!

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Velton's Bonsai Blend is not advertised in that way, that is why I did not mentioned it. However, I would definitely recommend it.
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I like Northbound Prana. No Robusta in it, but otherwise should be close to what you're looking for.

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gabeholloway wrote:Broadway's Signature Espresso ... sso-blend/
Interesting to categorize this as Northern Italian. I've been drinking it for many, many years. They work pretty hard to keep it consistent.

Caveat emptor: They pull it as a triple ristretto when ordered as a shot from the roasting plant. In a milk drink they pull it as normale.

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maybe Caffe Umbria Gusto Crema
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