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Jeff wrote:There are also a variety of opinions around freezing an entire bag and then allowing it to come to temperature for its days or week of use. None of this seems as though it is well enough understood to have a "calculator" involved.
The calculator is a simple tool to estimate the longevity based on chemical 50% / 10°C rule.
The original thread Frozen Coffee Storage Calculator had some good comments from H-Bers you can trust.

I've been freezing coffee for nearly 20 years. The method, for the coffee styles preferred here, that works best is to let the coffee age in the bag to prime drinking. The coffee is then portioned into 125g [≈2-3 day] parcels & frozen in small jars. A couple of hours on the counter and it's ready to brew. As mentioned on the calculator page, increasing the dose about 0.05g /week for medium and 0.10g to 0.20g /week for darker roasts pays dividends.

Ken Fox & Jim Schulman's Coffee: To Freeze or Not to Freeze is worth a read. [Link fixed on the calculator :oops: ]

A dozen years back: "The 'calculator' is not meant to be gospel by any means, just a guide." :wink: