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IMAWriter wrote:Where did you find the "sweet" spot temperature wise with your Dolce?
Were you using a HX machine?
Schomer is fairly specific. 203.5
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That would be my 3rd shot on the Cremina, if I perform no cooling procedures.(cold towel on the group, etc)
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hi folks,

i picked up some gimme leftist blend and this past week have been pulling it on the silvia + sj combo. at the same time i picked up a "synesso" 18g basket (previous basket was a 14g synesso). can't believe how consistently this pair pull shots. i suspect its a bit of both the blend being easy and the basket being more forgiving with my machine (due to extra headspace). shots have been 18g, weighed, approx.

i'm going to have to try some previous blends with the new basket. the pulls have just been hugely more uniform. i believe the taste is benefitting from the more even extraction (was getting more donutting with smaller basket).



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My favorite is from
if you try some of the "Brazil Moreninha Formosa Raisin" you won't be disappointed