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I'm very new to the making espresso at home but thoroughly enjoying the process of making a nice cup of espresso at home. I recently purchased a Breville Barista Touch and it's been awesome for me so far! I've been practicing pulling shots and have found a nice little groove.

I'm looking for good coffee beans and stumbled upon For Five Coffee Roasters. I live on Long Island and went to their spot in Garden City to pick up some beans, however noticed that there weren't any roasting dates on any of the bags. Because of that, I held off on buying and bought a shot of espresso to try instead and it was very enjoyable. Should I be overly concerned about not knowing the age of the roast? And if anyone has recommendations of good coffee roasters on Long Island, please do share!

Great to be part of this community and thanks in advance,

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I think Flux is not far from you. You can go check them out and I am pretty sure they ship if you are feeling lazy.
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I too am looking for good roasters in this area - is Bean & Bean any good? Their claim to fame is that both owners are Q Graders, but I haven't heard any reviews of their coffees here.

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Sweet, will check out Flux when near Farmingdale one of these days, thanks!

Regarding Bean & Bean - I've been there once and had a great cup of Americano so that's all I have on them. Haven't had a chance to try their whole beans yet, but it looks like all the roasting is done in-house (Half of the cafe shop looks to be dedicated to roasting)