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As a relative newbie in espresso, this post is quite interesting to me.

The first espresso machine I bought was a Gaggia Classic (with no PID) and I used a Baratza Encore to grind my (surely months old) Starbucks beans. Why use good stuff if you have no clue what you're doing, right?

One evening I produced a shot of espresso from those "awful" beans that I found absolutely divine. The shot, all by itself, tasted like I was drinking some kind of liquid caramel. And no, I don't mean notes of caramel. I mean straight caramel. I have spent a lot of time trying to reproduce that shot.

As I went down the coffee rabbit hole, I started lurking here on Home Barista, and watched countless YouTube videos. I wondered over and over what I was doing wrong. "Why can't I reproduce this? I can't even come close."

I think "stale" beans are the missing link.

I've enjoyed a ton of fresh coffee with vibrant flavors and amazing complexity, too. But sometimes you just want something really sweet. The kind of sweetness that has you wondering if somehow some sugar found its way into your drink.

I'm going to buy some old, cruddy Starbucks light roast beans and experiment.

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HI Chris!! just a post to say that you were spot on in your comments and notes!

(Andy Newbom)

and yeah we DO get bored of every weather day being the same here in San Diego. But then we also get to go on a bay cruise in January