Favorite single farm/estate/etc. coffees - Summer 2023 edition

Discuss flavors, brew temperatures, blending, and cupping notes.
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Taste something that exceeded your expectations? Found yourself staring at the empty cup afterwards and savouring the aftertaste? Please let us know!

There are other threads on recommended blends - where the roaster usually strives for a consistent flavour - but this thread is for those seasonal coffees that if you missed; then you missed out. Espresso or filter, it doesn't matter - but please do check that the coffee is still available before posting :wink:.

I'll start 8).

Right now (July) is more-or-less prime time for Kenyans, and here is a Kenyan from the Kagere mill (Othaya, Nyeri) that gave me one of the more memorable pourover cups in the past couple of years. This coffee isn't priced like a super-premium geisha, isn't a blueberry bomb, and doesn't have the aromatics of novel processes; it is a great Kenyan, with the trademark Kenyan acidity. I like to sip this coffee once it has cooled to the low-50's (120F-130F) to take the edge off of that acidity. (I haven't tried pulling espresso.)

Tim Wendelboe's notes on Kenya Kagere, from https://timwendelboe.no/product/kagere/ :
Kagere produced one of my favourite Kenyan coffees in the 2021/22 season and I was so revealed that they also produced a phenomenal coffee during the 2022/23 harvest. It was like last year one of the stand out coffees during my selection process while I was in Kenya in February and in my opinion the overall quality in the 2022/23 harvest was far better than the year before.

If you love Kenyan coffees as much as I do, then this one is a real treat. It has a super refreshing and winey acidity that is balanced with intense "purple flavours" like blackcurrants, blackberries, red grapes and sour cherries.

I have not personally visited the Kagere wet mill, but in the past we have bought several lots of coffee from the Othaya Farmers Cooperative Society which Kagere is a part of.
In terms of matching tasting notes, I'll taste hints of the blackberries; but the sensation isn't overwhelming. It isn't like the fruit perfumes one smells from some novel processes. I've never had blackcurrants or sour cherries so I can't say. "Red grapes" seems a bit broad for me to place as a note.

In terms of my preferences, I blindly cupped this against three other coffees. I preferred Tim Wendleboe's Kenyan Kagere over, in order, a Colombian Geisha, a Panama Gesha, and an Ethiopian Guji. However, this result could just be confirming that I like the taste profile of Kenyan coffees :D.

Thanks to @luca for flagging this coffee on IG:

P.S. FYI, a couple coffee production calendars:
Sweet Maria's timetable: https://library.sweetmarias.com/coffee- ... timetable/
Cafe Imports harvest calendar pdf: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/bidvtvum ... v934t&dl=0 from https://www.cafeimports.com/north-america/harvest
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