Favorite MistoBox coffees/roasters for espresso

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I'm trying out MistoBox but I'm a bit overwhelmed by everything available and don't know where to start. What are your favorite beans / roasters?


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You may want to mention your preferred taste profile. It seems that a lot of roasters on Mistobox are also on other popular subscriptions (Trade, Beanz, etc) and are famous on their own. So even though those get discussed a lot on this forum, there's not too much to go off in terms of specific advice. Please narrow down what you are looking for.

pazanov (original poster)

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Truthfully, I enjoy the whole gamut of taste profiles - from la cabra single origin light roast to la Colombe blends and everything in between. More than anything I value craft so I'm a big fan of digging into peoples' suggestions and choosing what to try based on that.


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Some faves I've discovered:
-Ladro espresso
-Super Ego
-Camber Big Joy

Those are generally medium roasts so how much you like them might depend on your roast pref.

pazanov (original poster)

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Awesome - thanks! So far I've enjoyed Verve Sermon and Cat & Cloud The Answer. I also received Onyx Coffee Lab Monarch but I didn't enjoy the balance of flavor and texture as much.