Favorite Holiday Coffee Blends

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With holiday season upon us holiday blends are popping up everywhere and I want to try some. Please list your favorites. :).

Years ago I loved Peets Holiday blend, but I find it undrinkable. Lol

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Velton's has composed many a delicious holiday blend. And the packaging fits the bill.

LMWDP #198

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Check out Black & White Roasters. Theirs is like winter in the cup but in the most 3rd way ever.


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Would you avoid running this through a grinder that only sees light roast? The cinnamon anerobic makes me think this will need to go through the hand grinder to avoid leaving some flavor on my main grinding burrs. Just curious and if it's oily. Sounds really good!!


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I've had one of their cinnamon anaerobic and didn't notice any retention of flavor in the grinder. They don't use synthetic flavoring oils which can leave residue and be a PITA.


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That makes sense. Thanks for the feedback.


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As I just posted in the Roasters forum, I really enjoyed the Holiday Blend from B&W last year as a change a pace, and just ordered some for this season. I actually asked whether they had added cinnamon spice to the blend after roasting, but they assured me the flavor came via the processing method used for one of the components of the blend.

I have to say, my palate is not well developed and I seldom pick up many of the exotic tasting notes supposedly present in various beans, but I sure got this cinnamon!


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The cinnamon component in the blend is purely from that beans green processing method at origin. Nothing is done after roasting so you shouldn't notice anything left behind in your grinder, certainly not any more than you would from any other coffee.

It's roasted to a solid medium level, so not oily at all other than a few small spots here and there maybe.