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This may be an unorthodox view but Terroir SOEs have completely spoiled me. I find I prefer their Southern or Northern Daterra to just about any espresso blend that I've tried, and their Yirg espresso is simply divine. Part of it is their roasting style. After Terroir I find so many blends to be over roasted, or they have strange musty or moldy notes, or they are too sharp, or something else that is just in the way of experiencing the bean. There is a purity to Terroir's roasting approach and their selection of SO beans that is simply sublime, imho. For me, nothing else will satisfy.
I love La Valentina!


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Abe Carmeli wrote:Unfortunately, the Heche, Idido & Bale Kara are all gone. Some early birds made a killing.
I agree with the general consensus about the superiority of Ethiopian & Yemeni coffees making the best SO espresso. (And I've had some mighty fine Brazils in this category, too.) But if you roast your own, you're not out of the Idido loop just yet: SweetMarias just got another shipment.



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I've just started working on a pound of Intelligentsia, Idido Misty Valley Yergacheffe which is fabulously unique and flavourful. The same coffeee from Counter Culture was fantastic as well. Next I'll try Eccos version.
regards, Ian