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Discuss flavors, brew temperatures, blending, and cupping notes.
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lukehk wrote:I saw on line they were not accepting new subscriptions. Are you saying the whole thing is closing for existing subscribers too? If so it's a real shame, I really enjoyed it. I was sad to see BH superlatives go too due to logistics. I also drank most of it through brewing and was just getting into the cupping process.
Yup, it's over. I got an email on 10/6 saying it was their last shipment.
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Ah ok thanks. I missed that. I thought it was just the usual cupping instructions. Shame. I'll just have to make sure I enjoy what's left of this month's and take care roasting the samples I have left.

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I had to make the decision about 2 months ago to cancel mine, since I was never logged in and participating due to schedule conflicts. I did a forehead slap that could be heard around the world the next month when it was announce that Aida Batlle was going to be doing the next one. :oops:
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After 8 sessions the facsimile organizer's have ended the series. I enjoyed the bits I watched.
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