Ethiopia - Gedeo Natural (Black Oak Roasters)

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I just bought 5 lbs of this and am interested in comparing notes if anyone else here has tried it, especially for espresso. ... eo-natural

This is a light roast, natural process coffee that I plan to use primarily for espresso on my flat, unimodal burrs.

I dumped quite a few shots yesterday experimenting with grind and yield. The coffee and light roast means it is naturally acidic, I believe, and I started doubting everything I have read and watched on dialing in by taste. For example, the initial shots were somewhat "sour," which theory as I understand it tells me to go finer. But going finer just increased the intensity of that sourness. Then I think, of course, because it's an acidic coffee and so maybe going finer just increases the flavor intensity of that. Anyway, when going finer didn't get me what I wanted, I went back the other way. I think my last few shots were pretty good, right around 18g in, 40g out at around 22s, which is a larger yield and lower shot time than where I started out. RDT before the grind, WDT in the portafilter to try and get my flow as even as possible. Still acidic but pleasantly so, with a longer yield that cuts down on the strength of those flavors.

While I think my last shot was good/enjoyable, I have no idea how close I am to realizing it's full potential on my setup. If anyone else gets this coffee and figures something out about getting even more out if it let me know.


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What your temp on the shots 8)


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I know this coffee because it was one of their October coffees of the month and I'm a regular sub. I tend to think it's one of those acidic coffees no matter what you do...unless you go longer yield in which case you lose some flavor strength, like you said. IIRC, that's what I ended up doing for this coffee. But not too long because it ends up being too fermenty to my taste.

I did like their washed version of Gedeo very much that I bought an extra 5 lb bag. Tricky to pull but very unique and tasty.

For those not familiar with BO, they have the best deals on SOs, especially on 5 lbs, and quality is very good! A very useful thing they do that I wish more roasters do is to provide brewing guide for each coffee. It's for filter brewing but the temperature guide is still very useful for espresso dialing-in in my experience.

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Just checking back. Thanks for the replies.

Water temp as high as 204F (BDB). 204F and 202F are both good. (EDIT: tried 85% of full pressure but forgot I moved it back to stock 7s PI). My best shot was this afternoon when I went back just a hair finer and kept at 18/40g. Very, very careful with puck prep, especially since roast date ~ 1 week.

Appreciate the corroboration on the acidity issue. Seems like the trick is to get enough yield to temper the acidity but not so diluted it becomes boring. I went as long as 18/52 and it wasn't bad but it didn't help.


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FWIW, most of my recent light roasts from BO and CCC became better after 2-3 weeks of resting. Less rough around the edges, sweeter, more saturated flavor colors...