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Hi All,
I recently had a Dolce ristretto shot at Espresso Vivace Brix location bar. Simply put, it was delicious. I bought a few bags of the Dolce beans and I'm trying to emulate the Ristretto shot at home (using Lelit Bianca + Eureka Mignon Specialita).

Have you been able to emulate the Dolce shot served at Vivace's bar? If so, could you share your recipe noting the specific parameters below?

For some context, I've spent hours online trying to find a recent recipe. Most are very aged and do not include specifics such as liquid output in grams.


- Brew temp (PID): 203F?
- Dose: 20g in?
- Grind: this is relative and specific to your grinder but in general, finer than you would grind for a typical medium/dark roast?
- Tamp pressure: 30-40lbs?
- Liquid output: 1:1 ratio for the cafe ristretto shot served at the bar
- Ideal extraction time: 25-28sec from when water hits puck.
- Flow profiling: method used if applicable.

Hopefully someone has had success and would be willing to share so others can replicate/enjoy.

Many thanks!

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Welcome to HB!

Classic (and OG) Northwest espresso. Cram about as much coarsely ground espresso into a double basket as you can and pull it hot and ristretto. The dry distillates can go from pleasant brandywine and toasty oak to astringent and harsh with longer extractions, so it's best to keep them tight.
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Benzina (original poster)

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Thanks for the warm welcome, quick reply and insight. The Vivace baristas are using customized Niche Zeros, not measuring dose in nor are they measuring output in terms of grams. It seems they simply eyeball it out (like many pro baristas) and run the shot at 203.5-205F for roughly 28 sec.

For a home espresso enthusiast such as myself, I have to rely more on quantitative extraction specifics until I get longer in the tooth.

If anyone has more specifics that they can share, they would be very much appreciated.