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Discuss flavors, brew temperatures, blending, and cupping notes.
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Terroir Brazil Cerrado Daterra Southern Italian Roast: A very rich and satisfying cup, with lovely dark fruit (cherry, stonefruit), a ton of spice and a dominant sweet dark chocolate note that carries all the way through into the aftertaste. This might be a bit on the "biting" end of the spectrum for some users as a straight shot, though I really love it this way. Really shines in short milk drinks where there is an amazing complex range of chocolate flavours (milk chocolate, belgian chocolate and even some bakers chocolate in there).
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Its been some time since your last posting to these notes and I was hoping a new post to this thread would catch your attention. Upon reading your blog I saw that you were planning to go through a range of coffees to test on your Monster Bric.

Any chance in your busy schedule and long list of to-do's to add to this valuable list of espresso blends & single origins?