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#1: Post by minnymoony »

I'm soon arriving to the US and would like to try a local espresso roast.
Its been hard to understand from most roasters I've looked online since most seem to be geared toward drip coffee.
I would like to get some recommendations for roasters who roast specifically for espresso and provide shipping across the US.
I'll be staying in Baltimore



#2: Post by Milligan »

It is hard to recommend something with a broad request. Are you looking for Italian-style medium/dark roast? Comfort roast? Light roasts? There are a lot of great roasters but if you let us know your preferences then we'd be able to narrow it down.


#3: Post by jbar1936 »

Try Bean Hollow Roasters in Ellicott City MD, just SE of Baltimore outside the Beltway. Its a nice walk around downtown EC also. When I lived there, I bought a half pound of their Golden Spike Espresso Roast every Friday (they roast every Thursday, so its perfect by the weekend.) Below from their Facebook page. Best, John

8059 Main St, Ellicott City, MD, United States, Maryland

(410) 465-0233

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