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Anyone know where I can get espresso similar to espresso napoletano freshly roasted in the US?

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I've had very bad luck with American roasters trying to do "Italian style" espresso. I'm sure they are out there, but I haven't come across many.

The two that I can personally recommend are Gran Caffe L'Acquila Napoli blend, and sometimes La Colombe's Nizza.

One other poster here tried to get a bag shipped from Gran Caffe L'Acquila a few years back and had a bad experience, but that's just one person. I'm biased though and can get these beans locally.

La Colombe Nizza can be very good and close to Neapolitan roasts but a bit sweeter IMO (no way they are medium roast btw). However, the Nizza blend has been very inconsistent for me. I've had times where it's Nirvana and other times where it's burned to a crisp.

I'd encourage you just to buy a bag of actual Neapolitan beans. Freshness doesn't matter as much for these blends and they are easy to get state side. ... poli-blend ... CUQAvD_BwE

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I am trying not to start too many new threads so some of my older ones will be used instead. One of today's trips while I am in Italy was to Saka, and a few things have changed since my last visit almost three years ago. They have expanded their space to include some offices in an adjacent building upstairs, where they have their new tasting and classroom. In the main roasting room they added a 15kg Giesen roaster for their specialty coffees (they made a roast from a microlot that scored an 86 recently!) to supplement their main 100kg roaster. The old classroom where I took my barista course became a storage room with the amount of coffee they roast now.

As we were catching up with Rosaria and her son Davide, we discussed a few trends in espresso machines. We all agreed that the fancy new machines are concerning from a maintenance perspective, and that levers are simpler to maintain without the fancy (and expensive) electronics. There is also supposedly a trend where bars will simply purchase a new machine rather than service their old one because they believe the old machine does not make good coffee, when in fact its simply due to various poorly cleaned parts or lack of service. The bars need to reach out to Saka or other machine technitians to conduct the servicing, which is why lack of service often occurs. Also, Matt Mitch is doing a great service as a distributor in the states Rosaria told me 8)

I mentioned in some earlier post that they had a 2nd series Faemina, and they want to fix it, so I went through an explanation of the various parts needed and tools needed to fix it up. Davide will be undertaking this little project.

They also expanded their workforce to six people, with a job posting for a secretary for a total of seven when including Rosaria and her son. Of them is their espresso technitian that services the machines, and he really likes my President. In his little workshop I spied an old Gaggia lever group wrench that was handmade. He was quite amused I recognized it, and all the workers were quite impressed with my collection of old machines. In the group pic there was just one worker missing. It was a nice little trip, and I will definitely continue to enjoy my Saka roasts just as much as when I originally discovered it.

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Amazing!! Thanks for sharing. I hope to make it over there one of these days.....

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#235: Post by Dragon »

I too ordered Saka Caffe, it's incredible how good it is!
I tried some neapolitan coffees and most of the were too bitter at that degree of roasting, while Saka is just perfect.

Also, the 50A/50R blend is great, I could not drink a blend with more than 40% robusta in the past, but in Saka miscela you don't taste the rubber of robusta,only sweet almond-like flavour.

I also got 2 free cups: one espresso and one for cappuccino, very good quality, from Nuova Point (I ordered 6kgs with some friends).

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#236: Post by nameisjoey »

Has anyone seen this? Nicoletti has a new Napoli Roast blend. It doesn't list the arabica/robusta content, only that its their highest quality blend of coffees yet. Given the pricepoint, it hits significantly higher than their other espresso focused blends available.

I have way too much coffee on hand right now, so I won't try it just yet. If someone has some space on their coffee storage and you give it a shot, let us know here how it is! Really curious how it compares to the Saka Bar blends.

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I know that this roaster has been discussed before, but I wanted to mention Milano coffee roasters again. If you like your roasts a bit dark (as Neapolitan fans often do), they have an excellent set of blends. My current favorites are "butter" and "espresso pudding". Wow. Rich, creamy, everything you want in a traditional espresso.
Those blends are on the dark side but not burnt.
However, they do have a "black" series of blends which is just what it sounds like. Very very dark, oily roasts. If you are adventurous, and have a hand grinder you don't mind dedicating to dark beans, try pulling these as ristrettos. When you dial them in right you can get some interesting licorice, toasted caramel and charred marshmallow. Not for everyone but it can be excellent.

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I had a friend come over, and during his stay we filmed a video that sort of summarizes Saka pretty well I think :lol:
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#239: Post by zammie »

Cool little video! I really enjoyed seeing you pull the shot on that beautiful machine at the start.

This thread and others like it has been a great resource for me as I explore the darker side of the dark stuff.

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