Espresso Crema Dolce Brewing Tips?

Discuss flavors, brew temperatures, blending, and cupping notes.

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My first bag of Dragonfly Espresso Crema Dolce arrived today - roasted on the 24th. How long do you recommend I let it rest for making espresso? Temperatures? Other tips? I've searched but not finding much. Of course I looked at Dragonfly's recommendations first but wondering if you've found anything notably different you could recommend.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

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SandraF (original poster)

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Oh yeah! Thanks. I read that entire thread, thus sparking me to buy the Dragonfly & one from Klatch. I'll re-read it. Thanks.


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I looked through both threads and got the sense that people ended up brewing it hotter (~203F) than than the recommended Dragonfly recipe (198F). It also looked like many were pulling longer shots (~2:1 br) and slower pours (>30 secs) than Dragonfly parameters, but I did see quite a bit of variation. I saw lots of people referring to it as finicky.

I've been experimenting with it for a couple of weeks. I am dosing 18g in a VST basket and aiming for 32g out in 30-35 secs. I found that at 198F, I got a fairly acidic shot that was just ok alone but very muted in milk. Pushing the temp up to 203F resulted in a much more chocolaty and nutty shot. It's way more flavorful as a milk drink but it has more bitterness than I would like when drinking it as a straight shot.

SandraF, what ended up working for you? Looking forward to hear your and others' recent experiences with it.