Espresso blends from Denver Roasters

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#1: Post by Chuckster »

Hi from Denver,
I'm still early in my journey with home espresso. I have tried beans from two nearby roasters so far - Little Jem espresso from Pablo's and Moon Buggy blend from Jubilee. I like them both but I want to branch out and try some other local options.
One of my favorite cortados was from Huckleberry made with their Phantom Limb blend - OMG, a bowl of blueberries in warm milk! Would love to find something similar or wait until they get it back in stock.
Anyway, if you have any favorites that are newbie friendly, please let me know.


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#2: Post by Airbornewilly »

8th wonder from Ozo is tasty and pretty forgiving. Corvus has good espresso options too.

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#3: Post by Jeff »

Chuckster wrote:Huckleberry made with their Phantom Limb blend
My kids were in Denver for a stint and Phantom Limb became a standby mail-order subscription for me here in San Francsico. I haven't had it in several years, but I found it reliable and enjoyable back then!


#4: Post by milehi »

Good options listed so far. You could also head north to Boulder to check out Boxcar and Dragonfly. This article is from 2019: ... -denver-2/

Happy hunting!

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#5: Post by Jeff »

NB: Dragonfly apparently moved their roasting operations to Las Vegas (Henderson).

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#6: Post by Philg »

I used to enjoy Novo (I ordered by mail, they're in Denver) delicious and interesting, I haven't had for a long time.