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Discuss flavors, brew temperatures, blending, and cupping notes.
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#11: Post by baristainzmking »

If you like medium-dark coffees, try Blue Buttle Hayes Valley and 17 Foot Ceiling.

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#12: Post by greenbeans »

You might try this from Amazon. Medium roast but quite flavorful. Try 18 gms to start: Caffe' Cartapani Cinquestelle. Seems like your extraction time is a bit long suggesting that you may be grinding too fine. Try setting your Niche at about 10 if you decide to give those beans a try. Extraction time should be around 25-30 seconds although thats a controversial subject as some say it should be shorter.

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#13: Post by tennisman03110 »

baristainzmking wrote:If you like medium-dark coffees, try Blue Buttle Hayes Valley and 17 Foot Ceiling.
I fully agree -- in fact I've never had something from Blue Bottle less than excellent. The single origins they put out are also great. But gosh they can be expensive (for me).

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#14: Post by baristainzmking » replying to tennisman03110 »

They are pretty pricey, like most third way, oh sorry, specialty coffee roasters.

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#15: Post by danbo (original poster) »

Thanks for all the tips guys, I'm looking forward to getting my setup sorted!


#16: Post by gzim »

If you are getting your first drips at around 6 seconds, and a decent flow, with 1:1.5 finishing anywhere from 25-40 seconds then you should be dialed in on grind, prep and shot pulling.
I have 2 go to espresso - and continually mix in others, but always have one of these on hand
La Colombe Nizza - its a comfort food to me - nuts and choco flavors - perfect Medium Roast
Caffe Lusso - Gran Miscela


#17: Post by cachaulo »

I cant say enough good about Kuma coffee - have been using their beans for the last 6 months and loving the single origin and the blends. Favorites: Bear Claus, Bright, Honduran SO.

I was also treated to a gift of Parlor Wallabout and it is hands down my absolute favorite espresso!

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#18: Post by oldskoolboarder »

In the Bay Area, I'd suggest Blue Bottle Hayes Valley for a chocolate bomb.

I also like Ritual Roasters granted they tend towards the fruity side.

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#19: Post by danbo (original poster) »

I just want to say thanks again for all the tips. I ended up picking up some Redbird and some Chromatic Gamut, which seems to be producing better shots for my taste already.

I will definitely be referring back to this thread for new roasts to try over the next few months!

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#20: Post by TrlstanC »

My go-to blend on my Gaggia was Caffe Fresco's Ambrosia espresso. It's been years since I've tried it, so I'm not sure it's the same as it used to be, but they always did a very good job. It seemed like a blend that was very forgiving, especially of big changes in brew temp during the shot, which is exactly what we'll always get with the little Gaggias.