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As I prepare to take a step up in machine, I have been reading about brew pressure. This is a pretty old thread. I'm surprised this subject isn't more topical as machines are improving. One concern I've had is how I will most likely lose the control over pressure that I now have with the La Pavoni lever, even with a machine like a Synesso. Almost instinctively, I pull on that lever with varying degrees of force depending on the grind, and how the pour looks.

All of this talk about pressure control is addressed by pulling on a lever. But to accomplish this with an armature might require going to three phase with a converter, and varying the pump speed. Transducers in the lines. One example of this is the fairly new "constant pressure" well pump system. It elminates the pressure tank, and provides a continuous feed of water at pressure, regardless of usage.

As for smoothing out the bumps, an accumulator tank would probably act like a capacitor.

The only problem I see with adding another parameter to the brewing process is that it would add another dimension to an already difficult situation. But I can just envision an espresso machine that has a mouse operated interface whereby one can drag the pressure and temperature profiles around. I'm not sure we'd ever have time to actually drink coffee though.