Dragonfly Oasis Blend

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Thinking about giving this a try. Anyone tried the Oasis blend from Dragonfly? How brewed, results? Thanks

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I picked up a bag of Oasis a couple of months ago, along with an order of Crema Dolce. IMHO a bit roasty for brew, but not bad for espresso. Standard extraction parameters worked fine for me on the DE1: 90C, 1:2 brew ratio, 30-35s pour using a declining pressure spring lever profile (9->6 bars). Milk chocolate notes with enough juicy acidity to keep things interesting. Obviously YMMV.

Anyone else?

cafespress (original poster)
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That will save me some time! I actually thought it may have been developed for brew, based on their description. I will definitely give it a try for espresso, starting with your parameters.
Thank you very much.