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#31: Post by threesips »

My most recent order from Dragonfly also shipped from Henderson, Nevada, which seemed odd since every previous shipment came from Colorado. I emailed them a couple times to inquire but got no response. In my experience they're a bit spotty when it comes to answering questions.

This Coffee Review piece from June says Dragonfly "has operations in Boulder, Colorado, and Henderson, Nevada."

https://www.coffeereview.com/review/eth ... e-natural/

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#32: Post by Me2 »

No idea what's going on but Tamas used to be pretty responsive when I pinged him.

Maybe they're having trouble adjusting roasting due to altitude. Boulders at ~5400', they had it dialed. Henderson is at ~1700' plus other variables like equipment, etc.

Regardless, they're on the back burner now. One way I judge a roaster is based on how responsive they are to my questions.

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#33: Post by CarefreeBuzzBuzz »

This is an interesting thread since some have suggested Coffee B from the 2020 Comfort Espressos was this coffee. I do know that the few times I have visited their website, they have had broken links which was a turn off.

It is curious that they chose to go to Henderson and stay in Boulder. I am sure the space is cheaper but having both isn't.

Hmmmm, will be interested to see if this is Coffee B.
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#34: Post by belegnole » replying to CarefreeBuzzBuzz »

I hope it's not B. Because the Creme Dolce on my counter tastes nothing like A, B, or C. However if there are two roasters and they are having troubles being consistent between them .....
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