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I never add white sugar and I used to add brown at the very beginning.
I do add a little honey from time to time, when I need a sweet taste*.

*: sweet taste according to Chinese Medicine, which doesn't have anything to do with the taste in the cup. In winter and autumn I may also add a touch of pepper (yes I know you won't believe it :lol: ).
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id prefer to add some milk instead of sugar.

i equate it to whisky. espresso is like whisky in the way that water can "open up" the flavors of the whisky. they say that the water should be like dew on a rose, it adds to the beauty.

i think of milk the same way. it should add to the beauty of the espresso.

for my experiences sugar seems to "cover up" the espresso.

my most favorite tasting coffee/espresso drink is a 1:1 ratio of espresso to steamed half and half, minimal foam,,,mmmm 3.5 ounces of love.


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If I am desperate for a chocolate fix I'll even have some unsweetened baker's chocolate... Starry

Totally amazing, and I thought I was the only person who would stoop to baker's chocolate! My Grandmama noticed her supply was dwindling, and when she figured out I was snitching her baker's chocolate, she began to buy some semi-sweet just so I wouldn't have to "suffer". Little did she know, I truly preferred the unsweetened variety!
Also, Coffee Owl's suggestion of pepper reminds me of the addition of chile to chocolate, a very delicious tradition. I am going to try the pepper now!
I prefer straight espresso, sometimes I add a bit of microfoam to the surface. ( macchiato )
It was my unfortunate recent experience at Starbucks the other day, to order my preference. I patiently explained exactly what I meant to the cashier, and she replied "Oh, you want a macchiato!" I was surprised that she didn't think it was some foofy latte drink,... when the barista called out my order, I was rather dismayed when I realized I had a doppio with a shot of sweetened whip cream lavishly squirted in the cup.
I stated to my friends ( who had forced me into ordering against my better judgment) "Oh well, at least i'll have something to relate in the HB forums!" :roll:
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I never take sugar in my espresso nor a cappuccino. I will add some honey once in a blue moon (used to be a regular thing) to an Americano. I'll admit that I also enjoy the silkiness that a dash of half and half cream can add to my Americano, but I rarely take that now either (mostly for dietary reasons).

But comments like the one below from An afternoon with Abe Carmeli do open my eyes that sugar may be a necessary tool for some coffees.
RapidCoffee wrote:The Nectar was not roasted for espresso, but was the most interesting coffee: a rich tangerine bomb, quite tasty with a half teaspoon of sugar, but much too sour when sampled straight.
I do enjoy a sweet cappa from time to time, but when the sweetness is a product of the coffee and streamed milk. Counter Culture had an organic Mexican that made a great sweet capp, as did the Coffee Klatch USBC blend.
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no sugar in the espresso for me - unless its from a chain or something.

depending on who makes it and where i get it from, i may add a tiny bit to an americano when i get double double or triple doubles... but again - depends on the coffee, who makes it and how fresh

today i went to a great coffee place in easton pa and their espresso blend is part sumatran, rwanda and part something else i totally forget. such a great blueberry / blackberry taste right off the bat that i couldn't imagine making it any sweater w/ sugar (just double espresso there)

my pavoni won't get here till this week, but i have a bunch of coffee I want to try in it as well as blending some of it... all is less than a few days roasted so im good to go

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Only in Europe.

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It's all personal taste.
Some people like a sweetened espresso. Some don't. Neither is right or wrong. Drink what you like.
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Me gusta cafe Cubano. Y usted?


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I've had the occasional Cubano, but normally, nope, no sugar in my espresso (nor in my Americano or even just drip coffee).. I gave up sugar in coffee over 30 years ago. IF I need to mask a bitter or sour shot, in the cappa it goes! The wife LOVES her Lattes with flavoring (caramel, walnut, etc) and those are sweetened syrups... Me, well, maybe once every 2 years or so I'll put a dash/dollop of syrup into a Latte. Rest of the time, just coffee please. "I like coffee in my coffee please!".
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