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Discuss flavors, brew temperatures, blending, and cupping notes.
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Milligan wrote:Something to consider is that the level of roast for the blend may be better suited for the robusta component rather than the arabica. Another way to look at it is the robusta required a higher level of roast to taste good. I've roasted robusta a bit and the beans I worked with needed more development to lose the vegetal/woody flavors. If they are preblending then the arabica is along for the ride while trying to get the robusta developed enough. If they are roasting each component separately then disregard these musings.
I read awhile back (somewhere) that Saka roasts the coffees in its blends separately so that its blends are a melange.

What I WOULD do for a good cup of coffee!

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In my experience, there's robusta and there's robusta, just like there is wide variance in arabica. I'm not a fan of the robusta that I've had blended into "espresso". I have enjoyed unique flavors from a high-end robusta at a moderate or light roast. Very different!

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I've enjoyed Chromatic Coffee's Holy Mountain Robusta offering and I see on their site that they have another Robusta offering that might be worth a look too, but I haven't tried it: Ecuador - Shiguango ROBUSTA Napo Payamino. Some context, I recently have been roasting Liberica coffee from the Philippians which has been interesting, not everyone will enjoy the other coffee species. My take on quality Robusta coffee is that it's been hard to find, especially in green coffee, and usually commands a premium price.

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I have not had a premium robusta and see very little on offer in the states. Perhaps we do not have good access to quality robusta. I'd be very interested to try it. Most of the robusta I've had isn't bad but has its own flavor that I enjoy within a blend but not by itself.