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Discuss flavors, brew temperatures, blending, and cupping notes.

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I comes out fantastically good on my Linea Mini / Kafatek Conical combo. Heck, only the fear of heart palpitations and the shakes from caffeine overdose kept me from drinking it all in a day.

I tried a variety of parameters from 15g to 21g and found I liked it best at about 20g dose and 38g out in 28-30s. Extracting further only seems to thin it out and reduce the complexity of flavors, I found it really didn't get bitter with continued extraction. Smaller doses and shots worked well too, but the higher dose produced denser shots that I liked better. Very sweet and fruity, but still good in milk.

I'd say don't be afraid of pulling this on a machine without pre-infusion or pressure profiling. It works great with conventional setups.


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Thanks guys for bringing this coffee to my attention. Ordered 5 lbs and love it. 18 grams, 205 degrees, 16 sec. preinfusion at 3 bars, 34 grams at 36 secs with about a 7 sec ramp from three bars to 8.5 bars (gives it a good bite with the milk). About $5.00 a lbs more than what I normally invest, but well worth it. Thanks