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Discuss flavors, brew temperatures, blending, and cupping notes.
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#11: Post by jesse »

The SWP Papua New Guinea from Happy Mug is among the best I've had, surprisingly. For non-decaf, lately I gravitate toward Nordic roasts with good acidity, and the juiciness in the cup on this one does not disappoint. Great value as well. ... w-guinea-1

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#12: Post by Tinter »

This is one of my favorites and they might be offering free shipping. Code is BEANS Joe Van Gogh Decaf

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#13: Post by grover »

For those brewing Olympia Asterisk on espresso what are your parameters? I've been trying to dial it in but I that decaf after taste and nothing but sourness. Tried temp ranges from 198- 205 18-19g in 25g to 60g out and nothing good of it. Halfway through the bag and it hasn't been a good experience. Day 7 post roast date but first tried it 5 days past roast.

I can kind of taste the marshmello carmel but no chocolate and there's always that distinct decaf after taste. I'm about to give up on decafs in general I've tried so many but haven't found anything I enjoy for espresso.

Thanks for any help.


#14: Post by dreadnatty08 »

I really enjoyed Ceremony's Decaf Columbia in both Aeropress and espresso. I'm working through a bag of Stumptown Trapper Creek and it's pretty solid as well. While I rarely have issues getting to sleep with an after dinner coffee, I figure I should probably cut out the caffeine at that point anyway.


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Skylander (original poster)

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Some cool suggestions in here everyone - thanks again.

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#17: Post by pizzaman383 »

I tend to like classic comfort blends and really love them with milk and sugar - you know, liquid coffee ice cream. However, I have switched to drinking straight espresso and find that I am much more picky because there is nothing hiding any notes. Since I only can drink decaf it has been a challenge to find my favorite blend.

I have found Lavazza Dek to be good and Miscela d'Oro decaf to be very good.
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#18: Post by Skylander (original poster) »

Lucky for us there are a lot more options to try and plenty of green to experiment with!