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I am looking for decaf recommendations for filter and espresso. My first experience with decaf was Klatch's decaf espresso blend which to me tasted awful both espresso and filter. I recently bought Colombia Jairo Arcila Natural decaf from Onyx which is quite good. I am looking for some suggestion like the Onyx Columbia with preference for slightly lighter roasts.

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Hatch coffee roasters
El Paraiso Decaf

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2nd this.


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Been enjoying this lately for past lunch time myself. ... f-espresso
They say black cherry but I taste more of persimmon which I do like anyways.

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have you tried the other two decafs from them: Racing Into The Night and El Vergel Condor Decaf. I would want to order 3 to get free shipping.

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I've tried a few so far, but my absolute favorite is Mechanic out of Pittsburgh/Verona. They have some really good decaf beans.


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I have been loving this decaf from Black Acres. Nice mellow and easy to dial in. I love it as an end of day latte. ... bies-decaf

I am enjoying their regular beans as well.


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Late to the discussion here, but perhaps this might be of use to someone (or perhaps just idiosyncratic):

I've recently been enjoying pourovers with the House Blend Decaf from Broadway Roasting (
It's a blend of Colombian and Sumatran beans and has a different flavor profile and much more body than what often encounters in decaf coffees.

If you favor lighter roasts, I've enjoyed single-origin decafs George Howell and blends from Barismo.
I've also liked Counter Culture's Slow Motion.

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I just picked up a Passenger Los Suenos decaf. ... 4874085382. I have not had it yet, but plan to pull a few shots tomorrow afternoon.