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Discuss flavors, brew temperatures, blending, and cupping notes.

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I'm not sure how this compares to the original coffee you mentioned, but I really enjoy this decaf from a well-regarded roaster local to me - very chocolaty. I'd rate it a medium-light roast, but I could be wrong...I've had it as filter, moka pot, and in lattes from the attached café and enjoyed all preparations. ... ecaf-monk


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I haven't tried a lot of the coffees listed here, but the current decaf at Monogram is the best decaf coffee I've ever had. Great Canadian option. ... 7850344501


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I've been drinking Black and White roasters Sugarcane decaf for over a year now. Best decaf I've ever had to my palate.. pulling it at 200 degrees, 18.5 grams in, 36 out MAX in 23-25 seconds. Do not stretch this one or it gets sour.

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I just ordered this based on your recommendation. I noticed that B&W coffees seem to peak after about 10 days to two weeks. When would you say this decaf reaches its peak?
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Hi Dave,
I rest the bag for 2 weeks then dispense into mason jars for use or freezing.
B&W recently changed from Colombia to Ethiopian beans. To my palette this has been a plus; juicier and more complex in all dimensions.
Finding the sweet spot has been a challenge. Small changes in prep made big shifts in the cup. Of course depending on your equipment the recipe might look very different from mine but here is what works for me;
I'm pulling it on a LMLM at 200 degrees, strictly 2:1 or less, 18.5 in, 36 out in 28 seconds for the last drop. Most importantly the grind is on an 83mm conical spinning at 70rpm. I found if I ground faster ( even 20 rpm) or let the ratio stretch past 2:1 that sour and bitter elements started to sneak in. Keep the flow rate on the faster side. I was pulling this in 23 seconds when the beans were Colombian.
It's taken quite a bit of effort to find the sweet spot after they changed bean country of origin but it's been worth the effort. None of my guests or clients know this is a decaf.
When you are rewarded with a richly complex range of flavors that you can still taste on your palette 2 hours later you know you have reached the best this bean has to give.
Good luck and let us know how you like them and what your recipe for success looks like.

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Don't have a lot of decaf experience prior to this, but I've been enjoying Nossa Familia's Brazil Decaf to satisfy my late-night coffee cravings for the past couple of days.

The beans here are peaberries. In terms of taste, I'd say dependable with a good bit of complexity. I get classic chocolate plus mild mango-like acidity when I make an americano.