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I'm opening CC Hologram in a couple days (post roast will be 8 days). Heard from searching, it is somewhat fruity (blueberry) with some chocolate & complex notes. People do 18g in a double basket at 200° to 202°. This will be the first time I've tried Hologram. Some reviews say it is a light roast (which is not my thing), but most said a medium--along with CC's website. Does that sound about right, 200°, 18g??

I have tried Big Trouble at 200°, on day 7 post roast 18.2g, some chocolate, not citric acidity, smooth.

Also tried Gradient at 200°, on day 8 post roast 17g, Smooth, don't remember what I got from this except that I noted "nice" next to my notes.


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Nobody? Well, today I open the Hologram. Have it set for 200°, will do 18g. on 8 day post roast. See how it goes. I never used the Hologram yet, but enjoy their Gradient & Big Trouble from time to time.

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Yuk, so far. Bitter & ashy at 200°. Will try 198°

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I thought I would get some replies other than from myself. lol Anywho, I would never buy the Hologram again. Despite lowering the temperature & then raising it (198° almost too bright, 199° a tad bitter undertones)--I didn't think the flavor was anything to write home about. That bitter wanted to hang around no matter what I did. I have so many much better options but was curious. I do like their Gradient & Big Trouble (unless that has changed since I tried it months ago).


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Hologram and big trouble are my go to CC coffees.

I usually do 18g , 200-205.

I'm not any good at this espresso thing just yet but Hologram was solid for me


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Well Hologram and I go back several years during which time I enjoyed the blueberry note up front followed by a milk chocolate a latte or flat white. Then it started to become a "lighter" roast, still medium, but more difficult to extract. Anyway, I recently moved to a MFlat grinder and decided to give it another try. At first 18g in, 36g out and temp from 198 to 202, times and preinfusion all over the place. Finally decided to try light roast parameters...
15g in
40g out
35-40 sec
10 sec preinfusion
15g VST basket
This produced a chocolate bomb...which was fine for me. If you can, give it a try.
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I've had some bags of Hologram in the last year while bean-hopping. The first was notably blueberry-forward and it got me to come back, but that fruitiness was hit-or-miss in subsequent bags. Those bags were still pleasant and chocolatey, but certainly not as fun for me.
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I didn't get any blueberry notes (which I love). All I got was bland. Not for me, way too many others I either like, really like or love. I like to try different roasts to see if I will like it, love it, dislike it or even hate it. Don't hate it, but 'meh' to me.

I'm only finishing it because I don't want to waste the money by dumping it.

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i first had it back when it was rustico and had rather enjoyed it.

as others noted it went lighter and i last had Hologram in 2019 and it was OK but nothing exceptional or memorable. i haven't bought it since. my notes at the time said it had some caramel/nut flavors in a latte similar to old school redbird.


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A friend brought a bag of Hologram over recently and we pulled a few shots. I enjoyed them. We settled on 200F 18g in 36g out in 30-35s. Seems to not mind more time. First one went to 42s and it was still good. I get a nice milk chocolate with more of a fig/raisen fruit note. No blueberry to be found. This one was roasted in Dec 22. I feel like it is pretty solid to be found in some grocery stores. No ashy note at all. I ran a sample on my Roast Vision at a 17. That would be gourmet Agtron "light" but RV says Medium (I tend to lean toward the RV number rather than Agtron these days.)

Bag was about a month off roast before we opened it so a good time to use for espresso.