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Milligan wrote:A friend brought a bag of Hologram over recently and we pulled a few shots. I enjoyed them. We settled on 200F 18g in 36g out in 30-35s. Seems to not mind more time. First one went to 42s and it was still good. I get a nice milk chocolate with more of a fig/raisen fruit note. No blueberry to be found. This one was roasted in Dec 22. I feel like it is pretty solid to be found in some grocery stores. No ashy note at all. I ran a sample on my Roast Vision at a 17. That would be gourmet Agtron "light" but RV says Medium (I tend to lean toward the RV number rather than Agtron these days.)

Bag was about a month off roast before we opened it so a good time to use for espresso.
So I bought a bag of Hologram a few months back. I find your comment intriguing because it made me possibly think of buying it in the future & opening it as the 3rd bag of my three 12 oz bags. That would probably bring it to about 22-23 day post roast. Here's what happened to me: On day 8 post roast of Hologram, lowered temp. to 199°, 18g---seemed bitter no matter what I did to the point of being gross. I saved what I had left for after I put Grindz through my grinder, normally add old beans to clean it out better. Ended up running out of beans & used the older Hologram to find I was pleasantly surprised. It lost the bitterness & was pretty decent.


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You wouldn't happen to remember the specific beans would you? CC puts the blend ratio and bean specific on the back. Mine has 75% Codech, Guatemala and 25% Dambi Udo Natural, Ethiopia on the back. I usually have trouble pulling a decent shot unless the coffee rests for around 2 weeks or so. Sweet spot for most is 2-4 weeks post roast. Sometimes even longer for light roasts.

I've settled on a nice routine of enjoying the first half a bag or half of my 1lb roast in a pour over for the first week and then transitioning it to my espresso area to be used later once it has rested. That way I get a good taste of the coffee and know what flavors to expect when it is time for the espresso. It is fun seeing what the same coffee is like as pour over and espresso. The timing works out well.

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I just posted something back & it never posted my reply to you--so if you see it twice (delayed reaction). Unfortunately, I finished off the bag that was way over a month old a couple weeks ago & then of course tossed the bag. I think (instead of freezing my 2nd & 3rd 12oz bags at 6-7 days post roast), I will just keep them all in the dark cupboard, with the valve taped over--the one I'm using in the AirScape. Typically, a 12 oz. bag lasts me about 7-9 days. So by the time I would open the 3rd bag, it would be approximately 22-23 days post roast. Sounds like this works for you. I don't think I've noticed much (if any) of a difference since freezing the two 12oz. bags--except sometimes for whatever the reason; the espresso runs quickers & I have to add more grams of beans and/or make the grind finer.