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Discuss flavors, brew temperatures, blending, and cupping notes.

#11: Post by Freddofl »

Shipped the same day my Niche Zero shipped from the UK, so happy I won't have to hand grind 3 pounds of coffee for this :lol:

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#12: Post by mwebber »

The hype is real! Thanks for organizing all this, Dan.


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I'm super excited as well. Thanks Dan!


#14: Post by Bret »

I'm excited to get started!


#15: Post by michael »

Just picked up my coffees

Are there any suggested recipes or starting points for these favorites 8)

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HB (original poster)

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I asked and the recommendations were in line with what John and others suggested on the first page of this thread, i.e, a 1:2 brew ratio and around 30 seconds pour time. I typically start around 202°F for "comfort blends". Of course, the only consistent rule of espresso is there are no rules, as the threads posted today What about brew temperature? and When to end espresso extraction - weight or color? ably point out. :lol:
Dan Kehn

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#17: Post by mwebber »

Just got mine in today! Do you recommend finishing the bags in order? If so, should I freeze the bags from roasters B and C? If not, should I single dose and try the three simultaneously?

mike guy

#18: Post by mike guy »

I missed out on signing up for this. is it possible for someone to pm me the coffee being used? I will miss out on trying it blind obviously, but I'm stil interested in what is considered a favorite among the staff. My lips are sealed :)


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I think many (Including me) are interested in what coffee is being tested and the reviews. I've got to assume that is all private for now, and will be made public at the same time (?).

The freezing question is a good one, not just for this "contest". When I travel, I'll get multiple bags from a roaster, and I'm never sure how to handle it. Generally I open one at a time, but drink more in the weeks I have the fresh coffee.

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HB (original poster)

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mwebber wrote:Do you recommend finishing the bags in order?
Good question. Since it's hard to dial in three coffees at once, I plan to alternate two side-by-side each day with copious notes until I run out.
Dan Kehn