Comfort Food Espresso: Cimarron Roasters Courthouse Blend

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#1: Post by cafeIKE »

A perfect too light lunacy antidote 8)



Niche 14.5, 16.5g
Synesso Double, 194°F, 8.5bar, ≈28g, 28sd1

Cimarron Roasters Courthouse: Courthouse, our house espresso, is developed a little more in the roaster to soften acidity and increase solubility. With sweet-bittersweet balance, body, crema, and finesse, Courthouse is the classic definition of espresso..."

Current components:
Guatemala - El Cimarron
Brazil - Fazenda Sarrinha

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#2: Post by cimarronEric »

Wow, Ian!
I'm so glad you enjoyed the Courthouse Blend. And thank you so much for sharing here on HB!
Cimarron Coffee Roasters

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#3: Post by kris772 »

Excellent - very pleased!
Life is too short for bad espresso! - Thunk-ed, NOT stirred!


#4: Post by macal425 »

Will add to my ever growing list. Any thoughts on how well this will hold up in an Americano with cream, or a latte?

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#5: Post by kris772 »

I latte'ed it and am still enjoying it. Probably not in an americano... It's 4 days old so I labeled it and tossed it in the freezer (tape over valve, inside ziplok bag). I have 3 in there now so will rotate and see who wins but I have a feeling this will. Yum! Soft! Hint of chocolaty! Very nice!!!
Life is too short for bad espresso! - Thunk-ed, NOT stirred!

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#6: Post by slybarman »

cafeIKE wrote:
Ok. You are setting high expectations. I ordered a small bag to try it out.


#7: Post by Erdino »

I stumbled upon Cimarron, while wandering through CO last year and have enjoyed several bags of Courthouse since. Consistent, quality roast and bean...and shipping is always prompt and without delay. Have been very pleased!

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#8: Post by kris772 »

It's frozen now and I forgot to loosen the grind so I got a ristreto. Simply AWESOME! Many thanks to Ian for posting this one! Makes me not want to drink anything else.
Life is too short for bad espresso! - Thunk-ed, NOT stirred!

chanty 77

#9: Post by chanty 77 »

This made me want to check it out. Brought up their website & sizes go from not quite 9 oz. to a little over 2 lbs. Disappointed with their sizes. A little less than 9 ounces of beans might help me to know if I liked/loved it enough to want to try the little over 2 pounder. Yet that is $40.

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#10: Post by Jeff »

250 g is a very common size globally. It is around 13-14 shots.

Another common size is 100 g.