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Milligan wrote:Got it dialed this morning.

16g in -> 32g out

I got the slight cherry aroma, very interesting. Leaned more toward the inside of those chocolate covered cherries for me. Really tasty. I still need to tweak it a bit, but am really enjoying it! I'd try the 19g dose but my only precision basket is a 17g LM at the moment.
I'm using 'five day old' beans in a mid-naughts Synesso basket on an e61 with 18.5g. No screen imprint on puck.
Try ≈196°F with ≈18.5g for about 30g in 25s from first drop.
For me that's the sweet spot that maximizes the cherry and cocoa balance.


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Thanks for the tips. I'll play some more with the next batch I get.