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Does water matter? I craft water adding minerals to distilled. If my tap water tastes clean, would it be the same with this coffee or should I use the same crafted water I use for pour-over?

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I ended up pulling the trigger and am really liking it. It's great for the days when I go into the office. I have an espresso at home before I go, and then mid-morning I drink one of my Cometeer single origin's. I keep thinking of getting a Robot to bring to work, and while it seems like a great idea, the reality is that it's probably just a lot of extra stuff to worry about.

I'm not a huge fan of the coffee at work, and can always go across the street for a Starbucks, but the Cometeer coffee is better. The cost is not a a concern. When I compare Cometeer to a Starbucks, Cometeer is cheaper.

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Acavia wrote:Can you buy without a subscription? I would like to try it but have no interest in a subscription.
No, but the subscription can be paused (by skipping shipments) or canceled anytime, so don't let that stop you unless you think you'll forget to pause.

Re: this issue ^^^^^ more generally, I've complained in the past about how when I buy one of their limited-edition boxes the system will create a second subscription that I then have to ask them to delete. It's clunky, but they're responsive by email. I can tell they don't really want to move away from the subscription model for mail-order. That said, they seem to be slowly starting to roll out product to retailers. The George Howell location in Boston's Godfrey Hotel has Cometeer stocked in a freezer, and I heard some Sprout's stores offer Cometeer capsules as well.

Re: water, I haven't experimented with that variable much when brewing Cometeer. Instead, I've just used Brita-filtered water like I usually do for other coffee brewing. I have a Lotus water kit, but for some reason I just can't be bothered to try it out.
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You can always cancel your subscription after the first shipment. There is no commitment.


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I might try that but I do not even want 32 to try. I just want to try it.

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Adding to the chorus, big fan of having them on hand for when I'm in a rush or feeling lazy. Love taking a pod on a flight. Also annoyed by the subscription model, got a second shipment well before I was in need of one, I'm now on pause and probably have another 3-4 months worth before I'll ask for more.

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I saw them for sale at a coffee shop on Nantucket. So there must be other retail locations out there. That said the people working at the shop had no idea what it was :lol:
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