Colombia Esperanza Wush Wush can't dial-in HELP!

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This is my first post!

I'm wondering if anyone has had the (2-step fermentation) Colombia (Esperanza) Wush Wush from Big Shoulders (roaster)??
The first bag I got from them was sooooo goooood! I was dialed-in from the get-go!
Now... I re-bought... and I can't dial in for the life of me!
I've tried a LOT of things so far...
But I don't want to go on and on... and waste anyone's time...
I figured I'd keep this short... and just ask if anyone's had this coffee??
As espresso that is.
If so... I can elaborate... on how I'm pulling the shots... so if you'd be so kind... maybe we can compare notes?? hahaha no pun intended! hahaha

Thanks in advance.
And if no one replies... I just want to say THANKS for being here:)
I can't count the times this site has helped me.

beanEFIL (original poster)

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I am replying to my own post! hahaha
I don't know how to delete it! hahaha

I think I must have gotten good luck by posting!
Got the BIG FRUITS I know are there!

I suspect channeling... which is likely a result of my BAD PUCK SKILLS...
Forgive me... I'm new to this end of things... working with a "cheap" machine (not the Crossland I don't even use that it broke a week after buying it).
I can't control any parameters machine-wise... so I'm left with grind... dose... and basically "analyzing" the puck and extraction-success based upon flow/taste etc.
I'm learning A LOT every day here though..
I'm going to buy a bottomless... if I can get the size right (measured but am still unsure)... as well as more dist. tools (today used new tool as well as techniques suggested on this site (not twisting as I tamp, for one) and continue to work on it.

Well... I'm REALLY SORRY if my rookie move here has annoyed anyone reading this!!
I'll find out how to delete posts... unless anyone wants to fill me in real quicK?? (can't figure out how to edit either only see a reply)
Thanks again AND I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS COFFEE... c'mon it's Esperanza so:)). Shout out Big Shoulders and Chitown!

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I think you've had enough coffee today.