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BaristaBob wrote:I use to get that blueberry note along with milk chocolate in Counter Culture's Hologram. It was stellar, but nothing close to blueberry in the last two to three years. Every year I buy a bag to see if the blueberry is back...still waiting!
Funny, this is the exact coffee and taste that got me into espresso. Chasing it ever since. Following this thread closely now as a result.

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DrugOfChoice wrote:I love the blueberry bomb profile, but I find it's very rare and unpredictable. Once in while I get a bag that blows me away, but often a different bag of the same coffee from the same roaster just won't have it. And almost always, even if a roaster labels a coffee as having blueberry notes, they just don't stand out to me.

A recent example was a coffee from Happy Mug labelled Yirgacheffe Adisu Kidane. I had two 2lb bags which were roasted at the same time that was one of my favorite coffees ever, with a very strong and distinct blueberry note. Then the coffee went off their menu, but came back after a while. When I saw it was available again, I reordered it, but it just wasn't as good, more like the normal Ethiopian naturals that I tend to like, but that don't stand out as particularly special.

Even though that blueberry bomb profile is pretty much my favorite, it's so elusive and unpredictable that I think chasing it just leads to frustration. I happen to like natural Ethiopians in general, so that's what I frequently drink. If and when I happen to get a batch where the blueberry note really pops, I just enjoy it as a pleasant surprise.
Funny, I was just about to post something very similar. My wife likes what she likes, and for the past few years that's been happy mug Colombian for her 2 pots of drip per day. I occasionally add a 12oz bag of something else to her monthly 4lb order just to try. I grabbed an Ethiopian from them a while back and it was the most blueberriest coffee I'd had in a decade. Immediately went to order more and it was gone. And it was like $1/oz - cheaper than anything else I buy.

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Jeff wrote:I haven't been impressed with most Ethiopian or Kenyan coffees over the last couple of years the way that I was 3-5 years ago. I've had some that were pleasant, but nothing memorable in good ways. I don't think it is you or your gear.

There might be some actionable suggestions at Blueberry (or any berry) bomb coffee recommendations?
No blueberry bombs in that thread :(

I even found someone roasting the exact coffee I roasted in 2017 that had incredible blueberries, but unfortunately it didn't pan out. Still on the hunt. That coffee had so much that anyone, even a non coffee drinker would say it tasted like blueberries. That's what I'm after too.
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Is that the name of it, Happy Mug Colombian? Thanks

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After reading this thread I picked up a bag of Counter Culture Hologram which has been noted to have had blueberry notes in the past.
The bag I just got has definite blueberry notes. I've pulled as espresso and brewed with aeropress and I taste it in both. Blueberry note was much stronger as espresso but the acidity was pretty high almost to the point of sour. I didn't put much effort into dialing in as the aeropress cups have been great, chocolate and blueberry. I found the results with aeropress better when I dropped the brew temp down around 185-190F.
Also just received my first bag of Courthouse from Cimarron Coffee and it is a syrupy cherry bomb as has been often reported here. Really enjoying it pulled as espresso.

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2 years I had some the natural processed blueberry candy from here
It was very blueberry but I guess they haven't been able to call it blueberry candy the last 2 harvest

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Not exactly a blueberry bomb but with a pleasant blueberry finish: ... sty-valley