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Personally my favorite is The Future of their year-round offerings. I like fruit forward coffees. I was very impressed how nice it tasted for being a "house" coffee. I'd been purchasing their SO for awhile before trying their house blends. I went with the Classic, the Traditional, and more recently the Future. I still haven't had the Original. I certainly wouldn't say no to a cup of B&W if offered to me!


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Yup, the ones I'm really looking forward to are Future, Classic, and Traditional. The Future is unavailable on their website at the moment, but I really hope it shows up as a surprise on my subscription soon. I kinda like this mystery aspect of their subscription!

The Original is something I would have never ordered on my own. Having tried it now, I do not think it's particularly aligned with my taste (albeit evolving) in espresso, so I probably would not get it again (anytime soon) either. But it makes a nice americano for sure. Interestingly, it reminds me of this espresso blend of washed and natural Ethiopians I procured when I traveled to London last summer (it was from a Birmingham roaster called Quarter Horse, iirc). A bit more developed than The Original, it pulled some amazingly sweet espresso shots (very similar taste profiles). The Original is just a tad too light for me.

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Update to my search: I got The Classic from Black&White and while it is much better than Creme Dolce, I still don't think it was up to par with Southern Weather for me. I'm beginning to wonder if I screwed something up with my grind settings or times or something. Anyway, I wanted to the their Holiday roast as well and bottomless just put an order in for that today so we'll see how that goes. Would be kind of sad if I wind up still liking the Onyx the best because they're not on Bottomless and I like the concept of this service.


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Have you tried using the Classic as a pour over? I was contemplating giving it a try, but I decided to reorder their holiday blend, since I liked it so much.