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I must clarify. We include the detailed instructions but I may need to correct so there is not a misunderstanding. You see, we only use double baskets and portafilters so when I say one ounce I mean one ounce each side. Still a lot of coffee but where we like best (and fortunately the judges). As for 21 days, we have opened bags at three weeks and enjoyed killer espresso, but I would not want to open the day you receive and still be using 21 days later. To clarify, I believe the espresso is best between the 5th and 12th day with the 8th day being what we used for competition and what we recommend in our instructions. Hope this clarifies our instruction sheet, we will correct for future buyers.


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I've been experimenting recently with Ken's 14 gram shot routine per dbl basket linked here: Basket Overdosing; time for a serious re-evaluation!

I received a pound of the WBC blend a few days ago and have been pleased with it as well. As posted above, the fact sheet provided with WBC blend suggested "22-24 grams of coffee extracted at 26 to 28 seconds" pulled at 201 F.

For those following Ken's thread, I've achieved some very tasty shots using his 14.00 grams per dbl basket (tighten the grind to pull the shot in 26ish seconds). I've also played a bit with LM triple baskets. 18.00 grams pulled ristretto via said triple basket produced an explosion of syrupy sweet orange marmalade tinged with cinnamon and spice. 17.00 grams in the triple resulted in a mellower version of the same.

Way to go Klatch!

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This week I'm using my travel kit, an Elektra Microcasa a Leva and Mazzer Mini. While away from work, I look forward to something new and unexpected, so I brought along a sample of the limited time offerings from the site sponsors. The last two days are Heather's / Mike's WBC Blend from Coffee Klatch Roasting:

Not a cloud in the sky today, light breeze, temperature in the 80s 8)

My attention was lagging this afternoon and subsequently the brew temperature for this (second) espresso was a teenie bit too high. Even so, the lever espresso machine gods clearly are feeling generous this week, as it's been nothing but good to very good espresso, including the "fruits and nuts" WBC blend. Perhaps it's wishful thinking, but I hope this enjoyable blend will be added to the regular offerings at Klatch's.
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