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Nunas wrote:This is a controversial subject, with various experts providing diametrical opinions, as long term freezing of green coffee is a said to be fairly new thing.
Not really that new. George Howell has been freezing greens since around 2004. I've been freezing mine since 2010 & haven't seen any ice crystals in the bags or jars to date. I've roasted coffees that had been vac sealed & frozen for 10 years with no noticeable issues. I guess the important question is how does the roasted coffee that George's company sent out taste? From what I've read on their site they do freeze all of their greens. As fussy as George is about his coffees I can't imagine that they would be roasting & selling 3 year old coffees that hadn't been frozen.

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TomC wrote:I would call and inquire.
There is no phone number listed on their website. I emailed them twice with no reply, I did check junk mail...

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I did receive an email this morning asking for photos of the bag's roast date so that they can send to the production manager. Sent a little while ago.


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Passenger also routinely freezes some portions of very exceptional green beans for release at later dates. Some are several years old. Reading between the lines, I'm guessing it is at lower than home freezer temperature because they use an off-site facility for the storage. They've been doing this for quite awhile and believe the attributes of a great coffee can be preserved.


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How does it taste? Otherwise its just a number.

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I'll find out soon, have not opened it yet.