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I have always thought freezing was a real no no
Thanks for this as now can roast vac seal the balance of my roast as I do #50 at a time



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Yeah, I'm with you. Was always told freezing is a no-no until I visited H-B.

Now that I have had time to put it partially into practice, I can confirm with my own experiences that freshly roasted coffee, and even my 'stale' Italian coffee all benefit from being vacuum sealed and frozen upon opening.


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Learn new things every day


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Looks like even Matt Perger is on the freezing train.....
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I have Italian coffee with a roast date end of October, and I froze the beans end of January.

A couple days ago, I removed one of the frozen jars (vac sealed), put half in the hopper, and tightly sealed the remaining half to be stored in my cupboard. Yesterday, these older stale beans remaining in the mason jar still had enough off-gassing to POP the lid top. Enough that it caught my attention from the other room, a loud audible SNAP of the lid expanding.

The taste difference as well as crema is definitely noticeable, so I know freezing is better. But I never thought I'd get this kind of off-gassing (pop of the lid) like fresher beans. Obviously purely anecdotal, but vac seal and freezing definitely works.


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Re: David O posting:

Does the lid pop due to off gassing or because the jar is vacuum packed and now one is releasing the vacuum? This is not a snide question; I'm simply wondering out loud.


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I wouldn't take this as snide. :)

I initially removed the vac sealed jar from the freezer. But after opening it I didn't re-vac or re-freeze. Just air tight mason jar, sealed tightly, on the counter or in the cupboard. I heard the snap after already removing the air.

Usually the lid is already in the "up" or snapped position after opening, which surprised me when I heard the snap well after opening.