Coffee/Espresso roasters - S Seattle to N Tacoma

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I'm looking for close local fresh roasted coffee available South of Seattle to North of Tacoma, the closer to the middle the better. I currently order most of my Espresso roasts from Paradise Coffee or SBC and want to start buying local.

I've searched and most roaster recommendations are North and East of Seattle unless some of those roasters have stores or shops that carry the Seattle area roasters that are farther away than I care to drive and sell their fresh roasted beans in the south end. Even driving downtown is no fun anymore. As a member of a number of Washington Wine Clubs I do go to SODO and Woodinville a number of times a year if any roasters are located in that area. I suppose I can mail order from Washington Roasters as well.

The clue in my username is I live mid-way between Seattle and Tacoma on the West Hill of Kent not far off I-5. Kent Valley, Des Moines, Federal Way, even Burien and Auburn are convenient. I can't see making a specific trip North of Seattle or the East side unless I have additional reasons to go.

Thank you.


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Kind of far. It what about Olympia Coffee in Proctor?


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I don't think there are roasters exactly in that area, but North of Tacoma, the Whole Foods on Bridgeport has excellent selection (my personal secret) at usually 30% of MSRP and with reasonable roast dates and there's an Olympia Coffee outpost there as previously mentioned. Kuma, though local, probably is too far for you (North Queen Anne). I personally know that both Olympia and Kuma still have flat shipping costs despite being local, but they both roast the day of shipping.


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What type of roasts do you like?

My go to is Lamppost Coffee Roaster in Bonney Lake because it's close by, and I primarily buy the Ethiopia for espresso. I've also bought a few bags from Boon Boona in Renton, again Ethiopia beans(see a trend?). I've also had some beans from Manifesto in Tacoma, but only tried pour over with some of their beans. Valhalla coffee in Tacoma has some good reviews but I've never bought beans from them.

Brown Dog Roasting is also another local roaster in the Bonney Lake area, and he has a great mission for zero waste. He's a good dude with a great passion for coffee. He may have to ship to you, but he would probably be able to work something out to get coffee to you.

A little farther north in Bellingham is Camber Coffee, which I've bought a couple bags from. I liked their stuff but I had that shipped.

Hopefully this helps!