Coffee beans resting starts when?

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#1: Post by linuxAndJavaScript »

When I order a bag of beans... and let's say they were roasted on 12/1. Then let's say I get them in the mail 12/3. Do those 2 days count as the beans resting if they are in a vacuum sealed bagged (albeit with some air)?


#2: Post by SandraF »

I count them as "resting" as they are off gassing, thus the 1-way valve.

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#3: Post by HB »

Why wouldn't those days count? Even if coffee beans are frozen, they still age, albeit much more slowly. See Frozen Coffee Storage Calculator for more details.
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#4: Post by Milligan »

As soon as they leave the roast chamber they are "resting." Vacuum sealing prevents oxidation but not off gassing of CO2.