Coffee beans for lattes

Discuss flavors, brew temperatures, blending, and cupping notes.

#1: Post by Mashie »

Currently I am enjoying Vivace's Vita Blend when I make lattes. Do you all have any other suggestions? Much appreciated!


#2: Post by tennisman03110 »

There's lots of coffee recommendations on the forums already. Have you looked at those?

Your question is vague. What do you like? Flavors, regions, etc? If you have local roasters, they are often a good bet.

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#3: Post by nameisjoey »

Vita is probably the most well known.

Maybe something like Nossa's Teodoro or Black and White's The Traditional.


#4: Post by SandraF »

Lionshare Espresso Blends from is a nice blend with milk (I do cappuccino only). Their Gran Miscelo Carmo Espresso Blend is very good and easy to dial in. A cappuccino can almost end up tasting like chocolate milk with this one. The Lionshare has a little more "bite" to cut through the milk.

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#5: Post by dparrish »

Vita is one of my subscription coffees. I love it for its caramel note. It also has a slight winey character. Verve Sermon is a chocolate and blueberry combo, quite good. Intelligentsia's Black Cat is normally (varies) chocolate/cherry. Gusto Crema from Cafe Umbria has a fig and milk chocolate flavor. There are many others, including the above mentioned. Most espresso blends have some combination of a South American bean for a chocolate note, combined with an African bean for a bit of fruit/acidity/floral note. Some have an Indonesian (or Indian) bean for spiciness (clove, etc.). But some single estate (one bean) are terrific if roasted for espresso.

One of the best things I did in the learning process was to subscribe to a "roaster's choice" espresso subscription. Verve has a good one; I'm currently subscribed to the LaMarzocco Home monthly one. The LaMarzocco subscription is great because the coffee comes from a different roaster each month, and the companies often send two different choices to try. I'm still learning, by the way! This allows you to sample various beans and combinations, some blends and some single estates. By doing this you learn much about the various bean cultivars, origins, and roasting methods available. It will help you to better learn what you like.
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