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chanty 77 wrote:I've tried 3 blends so far, Courthouse, my favorite. This is one I will periodically order. Didn't get any fruit in it, but it was syrupy and chocolatey to me, but in a more exciting way than the other "chocolate" ones I've tried from various companies. I realized that (for my setup anyway) I had almost a 9 ounce bag last me 9 days is really great. The most grams I used for a double shot was 15.2g vs other blends of anywhere from 17-almost 20g a double shot. So lasted longer.

The Chimney Rock was not bad, but I am getting further away from dark roasts as they almost always taste smokey to me. This one had some bittersweet chocolate I was detecting but FOR ME a little too dark, as I was getting some smokiness even at 195°. Beans had some oil on them, not much, but some. Averaging 15g per double shot.

The Calca Reserve seemed much lighter where I was noting more sour, but too much for my liking--so ended up with temp at 202° cuz the ones below, too sour. The 202° ended up taking the sour away, but being too bitter. Ended up at 201° & too sour for me. I was told to let lighter blends sit unopened before the medium to dark roasts. The Calca Reserve I didn't open until 28 days post roast. This was 18.8g double shot.
Don't be afraid to drop your temp to 188-190F on the darker roasts. Reducing it that low really helped bring out the best on the Saka. I need to do an order of Chimney Rock and Courthouse. I remember really enjoying Courthouse last time.