Chalky texture on finish (Illy Classico)

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#1: Post by gonzomup »

I get it that Illy Classico isn't the greatest bean, and my impression of it supports that. :?

Nonetheless, I used a couple of tins to practice my technique. Surprisingly to me, I was able to get consistent results and some decent flavour. The finish had a slightly chalky texture. Not entirely unpleasant, not bitter, but not something I'd want in every cup. I didn't see or feel any actual fines in my cup. Is that a characteristic of "classic Italian roast"?

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#2: Post by baldheadracing »

IME, I have only gotten a day after the can was opened before the flavour changed.

illy is not classic Italian roast, as there is no robusta in the blend.
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#3: Post by espressoren »

Sounds like some form of astringency or "dry" mouthfeel. Given the Italian roast maybe it is a tad over-extracted, or just a form of bitterness.