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Not canadian but...

What does Pikolo in Montreal pull? I went there recently on a trip and probably had one of the best shots as of recently (and I live in NYC, where the espresso is plentiful).


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When I go to Pikolo I often see Phil & Sebastian coffee from Calgary or Heart from Portland. Might be other brands too.


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MountRoyal wrote:Which Myriade did you go to? The original one downtown by Concordia or the new "mini Myriade" on St.Viateur corner of Jeanne-Mance or Esplanade in Mile End? The new one is where they had lots of George Howell last time I was there (over a month ago). I met Anthony, the owner, and chatted with him. He was planning on doing mainly single origins at the new place, didn't want to sell espresso blends there.
Caffe In Gamba is a great place too, so many great coffee brands sold there. If you go at the right time you can catch fresh deliveries and get fresher coffee, depends on the timing...just keep checking. Not so crazy about the prices though.
Aha! I trusted apple maps and went to Myriade 1, revisited today too! No George Howell but bought some Anchor which is roasted in Dartmouth...Also had 49th and heart in store. Barista mentioned another place around the corner that sells GH will try em all thnx for the heads up


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How is that Anchor coffee? I haven't tried it yet but will at some point. I like to try everything I can get my hands on.

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Will be in Montreal next month and cannot WAIT to get some Epic @ Myriade again!
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MountRoyal wrote:How is that Anchor coffee?
Matt, I've not tried a massively wide variety of coffees (but, I've had my share...Stumptown, Heart, 49th Parallel) and I quite like the Anchored Coffee offerings thus far. They've only done a few varietals thus far and I've tried 4 of them...all were very good.

For me, their Koke Aricha was a long shot the best cappuccino I've ever had...strawberries and milk chocolate, for sure. It's probably worth picking some up, I haven't regretted any of my purchases from them.


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MountRoyal wrote:How is that Anchor coffee? I haven't tried it yet but will at some point. I like to try everything I can get my hands on.
It was very good......I was in a hurry and it was the most recent roast date close by the entrance....2 days since roast..sorry I quickly discarded the package before cutting the label off as per my usual habit... :oops: so I am not even sure which espresso I purchased! They had Heart and 49th as well but most of the 49th was at least a week since roast......Canadian shipping issues IMHO? I mailed some motorcycle parts yesterday to Toronto....7-10 Business days 15 bucks 1.5 lbs! In the US it would have been in their box 4.95 and there in 2 days including Sat.! (sorry for the rant)


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I'll have to go try some of that Anchored Coffee then.
By the way some shipping from Montreal-Toronto goes fast. For example, I ordered coffee from Social in Toronto on a monday morning and it arrived the next day, 1 day after roast, and that was their free shipping via Canada Post. Normally from them it arrives in 2 days though, which also great.
These days I'm appreciating a little more seasoning in certain coffees. For example I've found some brighter coffees to be richer and easier to work with at 10-14 days after roast date so if it's in a sealed bag with a valve I'm ok with that.

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What brew parameters do folks use for Holy Cow? And what is the peak window post-roast?
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Hi, I haven't had much Holy Cow lately but last time I did I was going for shots mostly 20-21grams in using a 20 gram VST basket. Usually getting somewhere around 40 to 50 grams liquid weight with a 25-35 second shot. The last batch I tried was a different blend, feauturing some Ethiopian Sidama in there.