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#421: Post by redbone »

If you're near Barrie you should give Madawaska Coffee Co. a small small-batch coffee roaster located in the heart of the Madawaska Valley a try. Often get their "Espresso Roast" & "Decaf Roast". ... esso-roast ... ecaf-roast
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#422: Post by TeeDub »

Over the holidays I worked through the Light Roast Canadian Roaster Advent Box from Thirdwave Coffee. A coffee I mentioned earlier, Smoothie from Pirates of Coffee, ended up being my favorite.

I went to order a bag and noticed they had a pretty crazy Boxing Day Sale for large quantities. I was able to pick up 2KG of Smoothie for $168CAD.

I am by no means an expert, but I did enjoy this one in filter form and it really did stand out.
For context, my other top choices were:
• Mistico by The Colombian (which others did not seem to enjoy as much)
• Daniel Munoz from 94 Celicius (brewed in less ideal conditions)
• Astabe Natural from Rabbit Hole Roaster
• Strawberry Fields by Rosso Coffee Roasters.

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#423: Post by rolex »

Received a few bags of Subtext for Christmas and I am very pleased with this first one, their Holiday Coffee

It says it's for Filter but I am not a professional and will espresso literally anything :oops:

Works perfectly well for me though, nicely balanced and delicious. A great first intro to this brand for me

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#424: Post by Onearmedmidget »

Ok newbie here, just purchased 1.21 coffee from ECS coffee in Ontario. Really hoping these are decent as it's local for me. Seems their sales are a great value. I've literally just started this journey from years of super automatic with grocery store beans.

Anyways, they had a one day sale for $9.99 a bag, roasted date on the bags (Jan 20th).

Anyone had any of these before? From your much more experienced opinions than mine, what did you think?

Can't wait to try these. Also after reading the last 10 pages seems like I have A LOT of different beans to try lol

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#425: Post by rolex »

My Mom went to Pirates in person, she's just 15 mins away, and hand delivered me some of their fresh beans today.

Grabbed both the Smoothie and the Strawberry Sundae, and we made a bunch of drinks with the Smoothie right away. Darker roast than I expected, but definitely delicious. The aroma is especially potent and lingers around a VERY long time. I noticed our house stayed smelling amazing all day long. Got pretty lucky with my extractions right from the get go too, my niche was in a similar range by fluke already

Absolutely love how their full brewing recipe and parameters are available on an individual coffee specific basis and vary a lot. I hate how uncommon this is.

Very happy so far, just expensive

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#426: Post by Beef »

Been drinking some Pirates of Coffee recently. Don't care much for the Nutty espresso--I don't get the flavour profile they describe. Still good, but no nutella flavour. The culture espresso blend, however, is amazing. Both of these options are reasonably priced and got it delivered.

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I really enjoyed the Kennisa Duo from Zab. Especially the honey. It was...mmmm...honey. ... 7146408245

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#428: Post by Earthy »

Hi All,

I took part in a cupping at Zab a couple weeks ago that I enjoyed. The price was $85 and you leave with a bag of your choice. It was a nice experience and they spoke about the origins of their coffees. Nothing revolutionary, but entertaining. The stand out for me was the Kossa Geshe Ethiopian, which was nice and fruity. I figured it would work well as espresso, and it does.

That said, if I was into pour over, I would be inclined to try the honey version of Kennisa (also mentioned by @slappadabass above), as the peach flavour really came out as the coffee cooled.