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buckersss wrote:How did you like stereo rob, would you get it again?
Stereo is great. Always solid.
They have a nice Londinium if you go in person and want a lever espresso shot.

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chamchi wrote:Ordered a bag of Wilton Benitez Gesha from September as well as Alchemist from Dak through Eight Ounce. I've had a few cups so far and it's...just okay? I wasn't really wowed by any flavours or aromas so far. Hopefully some improvement as I dial in better but the cup seems muted in some way.

Dak's Alchemist is fantastic though. Fruity, fairly clean, vibrant. If I had to choose between the two at the same price, Dak's Alchemist is an easy winner. It was also cheaper. My first bag from Dak, and based on this bag I'd happily order again.

I've generally had great experiences but also some duds with many roasters: Hatch, Subtext, Luna, Monogram, Rogue Wave, Seth Taylor, Social. I don't know if I'd rank my experience with September as highly as these. Hopefully they improve with time and I just caught them on a bad day.
I did the September sub last month, first bag was vegetal and the second a pink bourbon was ok, but nothing great. Overall, I'm pretty disappointed.
- Jean

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Tried pirate roaster last week, was great

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FYI, if you're on Pirates of Coffee's mailing list, they always have specials ongoing.

As an aside, they have green coffee on their website and also at
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What's a pirates favourite coffee?

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buckersss wrote:How did you like stereo rob, would you get it again?
Just chipping in my 2c - I really liked my Stereo order as well! It was a very good value after jumping on one of their promotions via email, something like 340g bags for 19 bucks! I believe we tried their Echo Espresso and Ethiopian Koke Grade 1 - which they even made into a yummy sounding but expensive chocolate bar

I would order again!

Only negative commentary is they completely ignored my e-mail question asking for baseline brewing parameters, and they include none, so that can never be a 5 star rating from me sadly

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I just asked for a few bags from Subtext for Christmas, hope its good.. Probably would've tried this Pirates if I had've read the forum first, but oh well

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Subtext is great. My favorite coffee of the year was an unlabeled bag from Subtext that a client gifted me and I am tempted by their "Best of 2023" box.

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I live in Barrie, Ontario which is quite a distance from the coffee roasters in the GTA. So, I was chuffed when I recently found a local roaster, Hamley's Tea and Coffee Co, just 5 minutes from where I live. I tried out their Italian Espresso Blend which is a medium roast mixture of beans from Ethiopia, Brazil and Nicaragua. This coffee creates good creme and has a wide depth of flavour. Hamley's prepares their roasts pretty much daily, especially the Espresso Blend since it is very popular. It's very comparable to Social Coffee's People's Daily in terms of flavour, texture and aroma. This mens I can pop 'round the shop as I need rather than mail-order 5 lbs. bag from Social ( and freeze it).
- Robert

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Placed an order with Social yesterday for the first time in a while. I'm in Toronto, but was surprised that it was same day delivery for free on a $35 order. Fantastic!