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Discuss flavors, brew temperatures, blending, and cupping notes.
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#381: Post by redbone »

Trying out a natural anaerobic coffee. Definitely different with more defined flavouring. Prefer later in the day post lunch. Bit overwhelming for the days first cup. Like to shake up the pallet on occasion.

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#382: Post by Thehomebrewcoffee »

Come into stereo some time! I'm around Monday- Friday 9-3. Would love to have you taste some of our coffees and chat machines!
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#383: Post by Escaron »

I've been drinking a lot of medium roasts from Pallet, De Mello and Detour in the past. I picked up a Lagom P64 with MP burrs a few weeks ago and decided to venture out of my comfort zone to try a Monogram filter roast. Was very pleasantly surprised by their Alasitas Caturra Coco Natural - Filter. Probably one of the most interesting coffees I've had yet. Will have to sample some more of their filter roasts.

I have Hatch and Rogue Wave on my list of roasteries to try as well.


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49 parallel Epic espresso ,the last few weeks,kelly


#385: Post by Bunkmil »

I might get a bag of this one. It looks delicious!
Thanks for sharing!


#386: Post by antioxidant »

My first post on HB. I had a Breville BBE for 6+ years, recently upgrade to a real espresso grinder and an E61 machine, so here I am.

Now re-discovering all GTA roasters I like in the past. Here are few blends I like the most so far:
  • Punch Buggy from Detour - Balanced with good amount of acidity, smooth mouthfeel, syrup like texture I didn't discovery with BBE before
  • Starlight from Hatch - kind of a "3rd wave specialty" blend, high acidity in a positive and very pleasant way, taste like flower and fruit
  • Heritage from Pilot - Well balanced blend, extremely easy to dial in, it's so flat and consistent
  • Great Scott from 1.21 - Low acidity, bold body and good after taste, a bit on the bitter side, 20% Robusta makes it unique
  • Lavazza Super Crema - My new emergency stale backup bean in the freezer, no acidity, great body and okay after taste, brewing parameters are totally off with other blends, yet for the price it taste very good

Will continue my re-discovery...

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Thehomebrewcoffee wrote:Come into stereo some time! I'm around Monday- Friday 9-3. Would love to have you taste some of our coffees and chat machines!
Hey Jake, I haven't been to Stereo in several years - probably not since the first year the location converted from Crema to Stereo. The coffee is great though. I like both the Echo and Analog, but prefer the Analog.

Just wanting to give a shout out as the coffee is excellent.
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#388: Post by Jeffnowirz »

Hi does anyone know a good medium-dark roast decaf to try for straight espresso I recently tried Propeller Coffees swiss decaf and it was just too sour for me